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Here are 3 smart moves

  1. Down payments matter. Focus hard on saving so you can put 15-20% down on your mortgage. Over the term of your loan, it will save you thousands.
  2. Choose timeless over trendy. Your home will be more valuable (and sellable) if it’s in a stable neighborhood and has an updated kitchen. Also, fireplaces are always a plus.
  3. Match your mortgage to your timeline. If this is your forever house, the certainty of a fixed-rate, long-term mortgage may be your most attractive option. If you have a five-year “then we’ll move” plan, that may make a lower initial rate that a variable product can deliver a better choice.
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Prep your cards

  1. Load your cards on your phone.

  2. Disable and enable your card on the go.

  3. Set up payment and balance alerts.

How to set up your mobile wallet

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Think local

Consider the Midwest for affordable, Instagram-worthy experiences. Places like Mackinac Island, Michigan, Door County, Wisconsin, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, and Lake of the Ozarks offer active outdoor options with great scenery. And don’t forget Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, it’s a classic.

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